Formation to Safeguard

John Baptist de La Salle afforded children a dignity that was beyond the common understanding in that historical context. He and the first Brothers understood that their students were entrusted to them by both parents and the Church. In his formation of the first teachers, the Founder challenged them to treat their students as if they were the children of the King, to see themselves as the students’ Guardian Angels, and to both recognize and adore the presence of Jesus in them. Formation ensures that Lasallians develop the ability to recognize when structures or practices distort or undermine the dignity of children and vulnerable adults. Attention is given to accepted safeguarding practices and training offered in local contexts. To truly reflect the Reign of God, Lasallian communities must be inclusive and safe places for all people.

Students In this course will acquire comprehensive, specialized, factual and theoretical knowledge within the field of safeguarding. The aim of this course is thus a thorough basic introduct