Personal Days of Retreat/Reflection

Do you just need a day to take a break and get yourself back together? These reflections are designed to do just that. You can experience them by yourself or create your own retreat group by inviting your friends and colleagues. These are stand-alone experiences.

This module was created for reflection during faculty meetings with the intent they in turn create service projects with their students. After each reflection, a local speaker was invited to share wha
A poem a month to reflect upon. Simple. Reflect alone or with others. It doesn’t matter. Read the poem to yourself, read it a second time aloud. Quietly ask yourself the question or your own quest
Although explicit references to the Brothers’ ministry are rare, the inner dynamism of the method of interior prayer in Explanation connects interior prayer to daily life. This dynamism can b
This day of reflection uses two exercises that I remember for Betty Edwards' Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. However, the purpose isn't to learn to draw but to drive home the point that chang
Athletics are an important aspect of Lasallian schools.  Coaches are called to cooperate with the mission of Lasallian education in the holistic formation of the students entrusted to their care.