Although explicit references to the Brothers’ ministry are rare, the inner dynamism of the method of interior prayer in Explanation connects interior prayer to daily life. This dynamism can be delineated in four movements:

  1. First, we distance ourselves from our daily activities and con- cerns to get to the center of our life, in the “depths of our heart”; this occurs at the beginning of interior prayer (Recollection);
  2. Second, in the depths of our being and at the heart of our life, we encounter the living God, who comes to us (The Presence of God);
  3. Third, in this relationship with God, we see human life and history as the place where the mystery of Jesus Christ unfolds (A Mystery, a Virtue, or a Maxim);
  4. Fourth, we return to our daily responsibilities renewed and re- vitalized; this is the outcome of interior prayer (Resolutions).