Semester 1

As we think about Call...we realize it is a very personal journey. As we look at De La Salle's call in the Source material and read the personal stories of others, our hope is that it will lead you to a reflection on your personal journey, to help you articulate that which calls, your continuing response, and the faith and trust it takes to share that story with others. Ours is a specifically Lasallian journey that calls us to mission. Our stories are shared with others to accompany them on our shared journey.

Semester 2

As we developed part 2 of The CallĀ  we noted thatĀ we often experience a second call in our vocational journey. We are "re-called" to our original ministry or sometimes, as in De La Salle's case, called from his position as Canon to head a group of school masters and later in his life called from Parmenie back to leadership. We ask you to reflect with us.